Endeavor Presents: Thinking Big

Success is a lifelong pursuit, and what better way to expand your horizons than getting inspiration and practical advice from experienced industry experts, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Our Thinking Big series is purposefully designed to tackle big questions about various aspects of effectively running a business, strategising around unique circumstances, and what to expect when you make important decisions.

APRIL 6, 2020
As the coronavirus dominated the news, many industries began to see the ripple effects. As a seasoned investor, Eghosa shared expert guidance, tactical steps and an insider perspective on how entrepreneurs building businesses in Africa can navigate the fundraising landscape. Watch the full video here.
APRIL 9, 2020
In an interactive ‘Ask Me Anything’, Seni Sulyman shared his perspectives on leading high-performing teams, drawn from years of experience working with global organisations and scaling a high-growth startup. Read the blog and watch the full video here.
The current economic landscape proves that great businesses are built on more than good ideas. Endeavor Entrepreneur, Tayo Oviosu shared his experience on leading a scalable company & building resilience into your business. See Tayo’s presentation and watch the full video here.
MAY 21, 2020
Amplifying Your Brand in a Crowded Digital Space with Victoria Crandall (Independent PR/Strategic Communication Expert)
The current economic landscape proves that businesses and brands can thrive in a virtual world with effective communication strategies in place. Victoria Crandall (PR/Strategic Communications Expert) she shares her perspective on how Africa’s visionary tech entrepreneurs can tell their stories to the world. Watch the full video here.

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